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Property Groups

Our North Shore Rentals

(Group page format with Search features)

Our South Shore Rentals

(Group page format with “Sync scroll” calendars)

Our South Shore Rentals

(Group page format without calendars)

Individual Properties

Sunnyside Condo with Ocean View

Tiki Hut Home in Style

Water Gardens 401 - Ocean View

Water Gardens 402 - Garden View

Mountain Retreat 101 - Lake View

Mountain Retreat 102 - Mountain View

Below are examples of simply adding links to your website, which point to one or more Group pages or Property pages created by Vacation RentPro. These links open in a separate window. Or they could open in the same window.  You can place these links anywhere on your website.

You can also link to these pages using Menus on your website.

For example: Click on the Vacation Rentals menu below.

Note: Property Groups are optional and allow guests to browse properties within groups. You can optionally group properties any way you like. Such as: location, price range, building, etc.